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We expect the following:

  • The RFP will be presented to the Active Transportation and Infrastructure committee on January 26th. 2022 starting at 2pm accessible via Zoom.
  • Proposals to modify the Municipal Code, (MC), will be be presented to Council in early 2022, probably after the AT&I meeting has been held.
    • Note that a proposal to prohibit owners from removing scooters blocking access to their property has been proposed and is likely to be presented Council as a new regulation to become part of the City’s Municipal Code.  Our supporters should express their opposition both at the AT&I committee meeting and at the Council meeting, to which it must be presented for approval.
  • The new arrangements under the RFP will not come into effect before June 30th. 2022 in which case the existing six-month permitting system and MC provisions will remain in place until at least that date.