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Bird Out Of San Diego?

San Diego’s Mission Beach Boardwalk is the birthplace of the scooter rental industry. The story of how Travis VanderZanden tested his idea there in the Summer of 2017 is told in an article in Inc and on this site we tell the story of how repeated attempts resulted in a ban of all motorized vehicles, including motorized…


PROPOSED CHANGES TO THE MUNICIPAL CODE Neither Director Muto nor the AT&I committee adopted some of the simple, costless proposals we made and so we are looking for public support via email to CMs prior to the Council meeting for late May for some outstanding but important further changes to the MC. Note that as a result of…

Bird and Lime Continue to Ignore City Regulations

Both Bird and Lime continue to ignore the City’s requirement that corrals be kept clear to enable street sweeping. We explain why their failure to do so poses a threat of flooding to beach community properties in the website. In addition children were recently seen activating Bird scooters, in violation of the CA Vehicle Code.…


In 2021 60 scooters were impounded. The City pays $90,000 per quarter to the impounding contractor. Those impounded scooters generated just over $5,000 for the City in fees. Thus the net cost of impounding the 60 scooters in Q4 was $85,000, or ~$1,400 each. In Q4 3,058 Get-It-Done reports of scooter parking violations were submitted.…

Website Updated

The website has been further updated. The latest addition is a step by step photo-guide to using the City’s Get-It-Done app to report scooter parking violations. It’s on the Action page.

AT&I Did Not Hear Update

The AT&I meeting at which we were told the committee would receive a presentation about the RFP happened but the presentation was not made. We don’t know whether this will be rescheduled or, if so, when for.