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Illustrates scooter obstacles and hazards on sidewalks.

Mission & Tangiers, San Diego. January 4, 2022

Impounding of scooters is the ONLY measure used by the City of San Diego to enforce its scooter parking regulations and the City is paying $360,000 a year to the impounding service to monitor for compliance and enforce. It only works for eight hours a day, knocking off at 2pm,  although scooters are available for rent for twenty-four hours a day.

In 2021 roughly 280 scooters were impounded by the City.

In 2021 citizens submitted ~28,100 complaints about scooters using the Get-It-Done app.

In 2021 ONE SCOOTER was impounded for every ONE HUNDRED COMPLAINTS.

If you think that’s wholly inadequate write to Alyssa Muto, the Director of the Mobility and Sustainability department and the Mayor, Todd Gloria, and complain and copy SafeWalkways when you do, so we have an idea of the number of complaints submitted.

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(For those who think submitting reports is pointless because the City does nothing about them, note that reports paint a picture of what the City is not doing, as painted above. Thank you 😍 to all of you who have submitted reports in 2021. Please continue to do so! 😘❤️❤️).