Boardwalk Follies, Episode Four. Examples of scooter collisions and other issues on the Mission Beach boardwalk, before we succeeded in persuading the Council to ban motorized vehicles there. Warning: the video also includes a record of a vicious physical assault on two men at night. The perpetrator was not identified nor arrested.

Trauma Center Tracking Injuries. Pedestrian hit by scooter hits head on street now in fear of walking. Injured riders arrive "daily" in trauma centers. Factors associated: no helmet, intoxication, ignorance/inexperience, illegal driving.

San Diego: Scooter Accident 11072021. Woman driving scooter around 3am on November 7th 2021 in downtown San Diego hit by car. Injuries not believed to be serious. Of interest are the comments below the video.

Inside Edition. June 28, 2021. Examples of illegal driving using motorized scooters, including running red lights and sidewalk driving.  Scooter traveling at 50mph. Woman struck exiting bus. Actress Lisa Banes killed by scooter hit and run in New York. Pedestrian says "I almost got killed twice" and now afraid to walk: "If they run into me I'm a-gonner".

Scooter driver hit by car driving scooter from sidewalk onto crosswalk.


Valley man dies in San Diego after crashing electric scooter. Tourist dies after collision with another scooter driver and fall onto Mission Beach boardwalk. The second tourist fatality driving a scooter. The first was when a man driving a scooter downtown drove into a tree.

San Diego man suffers traumatic brain injury after scooter crash. Fall on first ride. No helmet. Traumatic brain injury and in UCU. Other similar injuries reported.

Man Struck And Killed By Motorist While Riding Electric Scooter | San Diego. September 18 2021. Man driving rented scooter hit by car and killed. One of now numerous deaths and severe injuries in the City since rental scooters arrived.

Top 5 Fastest Electric Scooters In The World You Can Buy. May 1, 2021. Although scooters are limited to a maximum speed of 15mph, the latest are purported to reach 80mph.

Los Angeles. Scooter driver riding a Lime rental scooter on sidewalk hits and damages car. Driver has no license. In CA it is required that a driver of a scooter has a drivers' license and this was a rental. Most scooter drivers have no insurance. So who pays when your car is hit? Second woman's car is hit by a rented Bird scooter driver who leaves the scene. The rental companies place responsibility for damage on the driver of the scooter but they often leave the scene without identifying themselves.

San Diego's Scooter Dilemma. Local TV station follows up after September 2019 article in NYT about scooters in SD. This was after the City had passed its ordinance governing the rental companies. Note the frequency of illegal driving: dual driving, underage driving, and zooming on the MLK Promenade, and of course, no one wears a helmet, not even the under 18s who are legally required to wear one. Mya Rosas, with Circulate SD, provides comment stating that the situation is "under control", at the same time as the video shows repeated sidewalk driving. Circulate SD is sponsored by multiple scooter rental companies.

'I Did Almost Die' Salt Lake City. Injuries suffered after near fatal fall from scooter.

ABC News. Nashville, TN: Mayor complains about the 3,000 scooters in Nashville. San Diego proposes to have 8,000. Video shows numerous issues, including driving carrying a baby, often seen in SD.

65-year old woman hit by scooter driven on walkway.

August 2021. Examples of scooter falls and crashes.